shm_segment Member List

This is the complete list of members for shm_segment, including all inherited members.

attachshm_segment [private]
get_base() constshm_segment [inline]
get_flag() constshm_segment [inline]
get_id() constshm_segment [inline]
get_key() constshm_segment [inline]
get_size() constshm_segment [inline]
keyshm_segment [private]
persist(bool p)shm_segment [inline]
persistantshm_segment [private]
shm_segment(int i, int flg)shm_segment
shm_segment(int key, int size, int perm)shm_segment
shmctldsshm_segment [private]
shmflgshm_segment [private]
shmidshm_segment [private]
sizeshm_segment [private]

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