shmq Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
scoped_lockSimple scoped mutex lock
shm_allocatorShared memory allocator for use with template containers
shm_allocator::shm_allocator_blockShared memory allocation block
shm_allocator::shm_allocator_headerShared memory allocator header structure
shm_messageText message class
shm_mmapPersistent shared memory with backing file
shm_ptr< T >Shared memory pointer implementation
shm_queue< T >Simple template queue class definition
shm_queue_header< T >Queue header with head and tail pointer
shm_queue_node< T >A queue node contains references to the previous and next queue cells, along with the data reference for the node
shm_segmentPersistent shared memory segments with history

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