shm_queue< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for shm_queue< T >, including all inherited members.

ashm_queue< T > [private]
lock_head()shm_queue< T > [inline]
lock_tail()shm_queue< T > [inline]
MaxQueueSizeshm_queue< T > [private]
operator delete(void *p, shm_allocator &a)shm_queue< T > [inline]
operator new(size_t s, shm_allocator &a)shm_queue< T > [inline]
operator=(const shm_queue &rhs)shm_queue< T > [private]
pop()shm_queue< T >
push(shm_ptr< T > obj)shm_queue< T >
segshm_queue< T > [private]
shm_headershm_queue< T > [private]
shm_queue(shm_allocator &allocator, const size_t maxsize)shm_queue< T > [inline]
shm_queue(shm_allocator &allocator)shm_queue< T > [inline]
shm_queue(const shm_queue &copy)shm_queue< T > [private]
size() constshm_queue< T > [inline]
unlock_head()shm_queue< T > [inline]
unlock_tail()shm_queue< T > [inline]
~shm_queue()shm_queue< T > [inline]

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